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Often, we feel complacent that our lives aren’t as successful as we imagined. We set out with great expectations, just to one day fall short and feel like an absolute failure. Its hard. I get it. We’ve all be there. Some more times than others. I would love to share with you something that I’ve recently discovered. This has not only inspired me, but it helped me feel non-complacent. Hopefully this can help you too..

Lazy hands make a man poor- but hard-working hands brings riches

Proverbs 10:4  instructs us to keep working. Whether its working on something small, or on something elaborate. The intent behind that verse is to remain in action, and to do it diligently. The way I look at it is, our purpose has to be align within our heart. However, if we aren’t actively pursing our hearts desires. Whether big or small, then we fall short of discovering and or living in that purpose. Which makes us feel complacent.

I share this as the first post, simply because I too have felt purposeless. For years, I’ve remain in a cycle of starting and stopping on projects to no avail. However, I finally came to the conclusion that as long as your pursuing your hearts desire. Do not focus on what it looks like.  Let me explain…

I looked up the word diligent (as I do most words). For diligent means constant in effort to accomplish something; attentive and persistent in doing anything. The term hard-working took on a completely different meaning, because I finally realized the ingredients to break my cycle.

It’s like the wise old saying, ” an apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” Being diligent is about focusing on the smaller daily disciplines. Eventually it will accumulate!! For years I was wrapped up in the bigger picture, however I wasn’t always attentive on the daily pieces. Which affected the quality!

  Each piece executed with excellence, will determine the overall quality of the bigger picture

Which is the why we started “From Sun Up, To Sun Down.” To focus on the small doable activities, so that I can reach my long term goals. These activities are based on our hearts desire, which could be anything under the sun. My action plan is to take on massive action (10x style), so that I can add pieces together that will paint the bigger picture.

So join me, as I begin s journey. From sunup, to sundown. Here we go…..

Until later my friends,

Ian Allen Talbert


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